Scuttle: A disheveled seagull and expert in human artifacts. Loudmouthed, optimistic, and a bit ignorant, despite his supposed expertise. He is funny and off-beat


LeFou: Gaston's dimwitted, servile sidekick. He goes to extraordinary lengths and suffers repeated humiliation in is efforts to please his master; must be comfortable with physical comedy; requires strong comic character acting; bartitone B-high G

Stewey: A character singer and character mover. The ship's Steward. Very sarcastic and side-kicky. Paul Lynde meets Charles Nelson Reilly. Late 20s and up. Doubles as manager of a seedy Parisian cabaret.


Sophia: (Lead) to play 88, wise-cracking Italian spitfire who says exactly what is on her mind whether it is PC or not, her bladder ain't what it used to be, must be familiar with the famous 1980s sitcom "The Golden Girls" and with the character of Sophia. Must be a strong comedian who is 5'8" or shorter with a small frame, must also have an excellent NY Sicilian accent and be able to impersonate Estelle Getty's famous mannerisms. Must be an excellent dancer; also plays Dance Contest Rose in a short bit.


Quasimodo: Male, 20's, 5'8" and below. Energetic with youthful boyish charm. Tenor that moves well. This actor will also portray other roles within the Disney repertory.


Peter: Male, able to play young boy. Plays a robotic corpse whose soul is trapped in a vessel created by his scientific father to help bring him, his mother, and sister back from the dead. Must have excellent movement skills and wide range of emotion.





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